Thursday, September 30, 2010


When I met Vance at the ISO II meet I had no idea our simple conversation would turn into a freindship, but I'm glad it did. Vance and I now share car knowledge on a regualr basis and as a result of that he has brought us this awesome feature.

 What got you into the car scene?

Well it was back when I was about 14-15 years old when I met a very good friend of mine (my bro) he was kinda big in the scene, and his brother had a black 89 hatch si that I fell in love with. We started hanging out, he would show me honda tuning magazines and shit online and I was hooked. Then we would go to the fairgrounds for the drag races (wayyy back in the day when It was cool to do) then head over to special fx in murfreesboro, tn. Then I got super hooked, cars was all I thought about. Then I got my first car a black 89 hatch si with a b20vtec swap and did a few mods to it and it was on. Iv always loved cars seens the day I met my bro. I thank him all the time for getting me into cars. Its a addiction, buying parts, installing them, driving it around, and showing it off at a local car meet. Its something I cant get enough of to this day.

Why did you pick your car?

Hahaha its a pretty funny story kinda. Again back when I met my bro, I went over to his house for the first time he had a superstreet poster of a honda s2000 and I was like damnnnn I LOVE that car, and I would always tell myself Im going to get a s2000 one day. I went through a few cars, first a black 89 hatch si with a tuned b20vtec, then a red 89 hatch std gsr swap, then a white 95 bone stock eg hatch, and threw some work equips and other shit on it, then a 94 rhd eg hatch, then I got my 2nd favorite car, a 00 FBP em1, I loved that car. Then on one horrible feb night it was stolen from my driveway, I was crushed. I got it back a day later, still drove and stuff, just a few things stripped from it. I sold it to a very good friend of mine and I thought about it for a day and went ahead and got my 1st dream car, and thats how I picked my 01 gpw ap1.

What are your hobbies and other interests?

You know I don't have to many. Car's mainly. I love wiring, idk why, alot of people hate it, it relaxes me. And sleeping lol. I do enjoy work sometimes. But a big hobby of mine would have to be sneakers, wiring, cars, hats, and hanging with good friends. Other than that I dont have many hobbies or interests.

Do you have any shout outs?

  Adam cox(my bro).

My girl

Cody macdonald

Andrew price



Jdm joe

Shawn roberts

Tony minsing





The Chronicles.


T1R test pipe

Buddy club N+ coilovers

Viper alarm

Mugen review mirror cover

Broadway 280 mirror

Ap2 silver radio door

Motul brake fluid

Rays extended lugs *red* (not on the car yet)

Oem front lip

Windshield tape removed

17x9.5 +38 x4 powercoated white Enkei rpf1's

Dunlop 245/40 x4

Big thanks to Vance Milton for the photos and interview. Also props to team Grip N Sip!


  1. Grip-N-Sip All day errrrday!

    props to Brandon!

  2. super clean car, it was fun shootin it

    - gripnsip

  3. gns + deft motion = the shit