Monday, August 30, 2010


I have a super soft spot for a slammed Miata with a turbo, actually it's more like an obsession. So, it only made sense to feature this dope example of one. When I met Vance at the ISO II meet he was more than willing to answer any questions I had, so I started picking his brain, and this is what I got. With about $2600 invested (car and mods) Vance has his Miata sitting in the 220hp range, thanks to a Greddy td04 turbo, a Megasquirt standalone ecu, and a 3" exhaust.

Interests: I love working with computers, I get to build and be a nerd all day long, best job outside of working on cars. Obviously I love working on cars as well. Here in Tennessee we have a pretty big car scene, but the stance scene is pretty weak, my car gets plenty of hate from the older generation of guys, but I love helping friends cars ZOMGHELLAFLUSH scene.

How did you get into the car scene? I guess it is the same way with most kids my age, I grew up in the "Fast and the Furious" era, starting out young thinking everything with a fartcan and a wing is the most badass thing ever! I grew up in North Carolina then moved to Canada. Moving to canada I got to be around a lot of legit cars like skylines and what not. This changed the way I viewed everything and I just wanted to go fast and didn't care how it looked. Thinking back on previous cars one my favorite cars that I owned was a 1990 Dodge Colt with a 4g61t. It was the most ghetto piece of junk ever but it hauled ass!

After going through some other "fast" cars I bought the miata. This is my first attempt at making a stanced car and not really worrying about how fast it is. By far this is the best car I have ever owned, also the one that is the most fun to drive!

Shout outs: My buddy Shane for helping do a lot to this car, I think he has driven this car almost as much as I have! Jeffery and Josh of the Deft Motion drift team, for helping me a lot as well.... and covering my car in flake.... assholes. Finally SHOUT OUT TO Grip N Sip and 100% CLOTHING "GET LIKE ME"

Be sure to check out Team Grip N Sip


-Personal steering wheel.

-NRG quick release hub

-corbeau harnesses

-pioneer head unit

-autometer boost gauge

-jackson racing shift knob

-jackson racing e-brake handle

-stripped carpet


-hard dog ACE roll bar

-tein type flex coilovers

-sportmaxx 002s, 15x8 +0

-195/50/15 dunlop dirrezzas


-Megasquirt 1 standalone ecu

-greddy td04 turbo


-turbo tony downpipe

-3" catback

-magnaflow high flow cat

-rc 550cc injectors

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