Monday, September 27, 2010

Ryan Norris: H2Oi

We're really envious that we weren't able to attend this awesome Volkswagen filled weekend but we are glad that Ryan was able to! He and his friends set out for the long 10 hour drive early Thursday morning to arrive Thursday evening in time to grab some dinner and drinks and start exploring the already Euro infested island of Ocean City, MD.

Thursday night, Friday, and Saturday were all filled with cars and great people. Mr. Norris had the pleasure of being able to hang out with Connecticut's Get Low crew (owners of several notable Performance VW vehicles - the best of the best) as well as a lot of UrbanFlth's own friends including the guys from EuroWise.

Hand's down Ryan's favorite part of the weekend (aside from the never ending picture taking, hanging out and drinking) was the H2O Outcasts BMW meet which he said was very impressive.
(Question: More impressive than the actual show? Answer: Yes.)

Ryan spent his four days in Maryland surrounded by some of the country's most impressive cars as well as some of the country's most awesome people taking some of the country's greatest pictures... we wish we could've been there too!

For the rest of Ryan's H2O pictures check out his Flickr!

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