Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Personal Favorite

We were considering where to go next with the site because we know that we've been behind lately... what with work and having personal lives we've been slacking. While we were thinking we realized that we've featured many pictures from our good friend Ryan Norris but never actually featured him and his awesome bagged Jetta. You may have seen pictures of his car on here before, and you've probably seen it on more well known sites such as speed hunters and stance works; but we can honestly say that we know the guy behind the wheel of this gorgeous dub. Ryan is a really genuine guy with a soft spoken manner but a great sense of humor we thoroughly enjoy working with him. Ryan is part of the tight knit Syndicate 864 group in South Carolina along with the previously featured dub loving couple Sara and Adam Staley and clearly loves the entire VW scene. His biggest passion however, is photography. Ryan is one of the best self taught photographers that we know and he is always willing to offer tips and advice to us in order to better our own photography skills.

We asked him some questions about his car and about himself in a small interview:


Air Ride Tech E3 management includes: 3 gallon tank, Thomas compressor, RidePro valve manifold, and the E3 computer with digital controls and gauges. Aero Sport front bags and Air House 2s in the rear. 1/4 inch line on all four corners. Notched frame and a two degree camber on the rear wheels.

Mercedes 18x8F, 18x9R et15, wrapped with Khumo 215/35 rubber

GLI front and rear lips, 20th skirts, wood floor in trunk, plaid interior, intake, exhaust,a lot of little stuff.

What got you into photography?

I got into photography so I could show people how I see the automotive world.

What do you like about working with UrbanFlth?

Get to work with great people, also gives me purpose for going to shows and events, I like being a part of something, which, in the long run may become something quite large.

Future plans?

Bagyard front struts, a new set of wheels, another compressor paired with a 5 gallon tank. I’d like rearrange the setup as well.

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