Thursday, May 20, 2010

His and Hers

I want to be the person who marries someone who is equally as in love with cars as I am; Sarah and Adam Staley are that couple. Living in Greenville, SC she drives a bagged Audi A3 and he drives a slammed Volkswagen Golf. Adam became interested in the Volkswagen scene ten years ago when his college roommate got him hooked and three dubs later the obsession continues. As for Sarah, she lived vicariously through Adam and his vw's until they moved to Greenville, SC and met some others who are into dubs which was when she decided it was time to get her own ride to express her personal taste. When we asked what they love about the scene they both said, the cars and the people (especially the 846 Syndicate - their local vw club). Sarah told us, "These people will drop anything at anytime to help anyone out. I have so much love for them." We also asked what they love about their cars to which Adam replied, "The way it glistens in the moonlight" whereas Sarah simply said she loves hers because it's so sexy (thats why we love it too).


 2006 Audi A3
Full Bagyard set-up (First A3 in the states)
AccuAir management with ride-height sensors
Wheels: Raderwerks M Ten BK 18x8 all around
Cold air intake
Forge diverter valve
Unitronics Stage 1+ Reflash
Kenwood DNX9140 head unit

Future plans:
Unsure for now but she'll be letting us know!

VR6 Turbo (306 whp)
T3/T4 Turbo with custom intercooler
Custom Short runner intake
H&R Ultra low coils
Keskin KT1 16x9 all around with Toyo T1R 245/35/16 rubber
All metal widened fenders (3.5 inch rears, 2.5 inch fronts)
R32 Front Seats

Future plans:
Bigger injectors, 8.5:1 compression. new clutch, turn up boost


  1. Adam & Sarah,
    Awesome cars and great hobby. Continue to enjoy and have fun.
    Yo Yo Maa

  2. pretty damn cool....A.Terri