Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trailer Trash

We first saw this little Miata sitting under the trailer of an 18-wheeler at the Wrong Fittment Crew meet in March and we soon found out that it belongs to the brother of Steven Darchiville whos 300ZX we featured earlier in the month. Apparently nicely done cars run in the family! This 1992 Mazda Miata belongs to Andrew Darchiville who his brother Steven says is "a media geek" that was inspired by his slammed 300ZX.
Andrew works as a machinest at a steel corporation in Spartanburg, SC and is also the lead guitarist in a metal band named Carbon Black.
We really love this Miata and hope to see it at future meets. Keep up the good work, Andrew!

Mods: 1.6l DOHC 5spd, rebuilt head, RacingBeat cold air intake, OBX headers, Options N1 catback, D2 coilovers, Boss Frog 4pt roll bar, Clarion headunit w/ Memphis speakers, Autometer Pro-Lite gauges, 16x8 XXR 513 +0 offset, 205/40/16 Nexen tires

The last 4 photos are courtesy of Steven Darchiville

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