Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Interview: Eurowise

As I walk up to the 8,000 square foot building Eurowise, CIN Motorsports, and Bosworth Audio Sound Solutions call home, I'm greeted by a convoy of gorgeous cars. Right away I'm excited, 11 year old at Six Flags excited. I go inside and meet Mike Ngo, owner of Eurowise who tells me I have free reign of the place and to take as many pictures as I'd like. Well, I end up spending two hours there taking pictures and just having genuinely great conversation with almost everyone who works in the building. These guys are hands down without a doubt some of the greatest guys you will ever meet. We asked Mike a couple of questions and he was more than willing to answer, here's what he had to say...

UF: How did Eurowise start?

MN: I worked for a VW dealer in Charleston, SC for about four years and began to realize that it wasn't want I wanted to do for the rest of my life but VW/AUDI were my passion and I decided I wanted more out of it. A job opportunity came up in my hometown, Charlotte, NC so I jumped on it. I was the only tech at a performance shop working on everything and anything bolt on perfomance and service. I felt pretty comfortable there being the only guy running the shop side of the business and the whole time I was also doing side work for friends. I would work from 9-6 at my regular job and then knock out service work in my garage at home from 7pm-1am (sometimes even later). With no overhead on that money was good. I decided that the job I was working wasn't exactly what I was looking for and when I was at a car meet one day I happened to run into an old friend who told me that a half of a shop near by was up for rent. A lightbulb went off in my head so I gave the guy a call and the price was reasonable so I pulled the trigger and said "hey, you never know until you try." I packed up my tools, bought myself a used scissor lift and started doing my own thing. You know they say word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertising and they weren't kidding! The word spread like wildfire that there was a guy doing dealership work for a great price. I feel like I have a different passion for customer service and quality and I think it has what's made Eurowise what it is today.

UF: What is your favorite part about the job?

MN: It’s a huge change and a big responsibility. As a young enthusiast I remember going to shops to see what they were about and socialize and what not I remembered what I didn’t like about the peoples responses, and what I loved. I try to make sure every customer or enthusiast that comes to Eurowise has a great experience and wants to come back. Even if its to hang out or see what we have going on. I love being able to go to shows and represent and meet other vendors and customers. Also, I love that it's non corporate, things go the way we want them to go. We are here essentially to help people, not take them for everything they have like the stealerships. 99% of the time if the cars we service come in the shop don’t need something we don’t try to sell it to them. People love that! Our main concern is safety and saving people money!

800 whp/800wtq
UF:What kind of work does Eurowise do?
MN: Everything from oil changes to custom motor builds to fabricating turbo kits.

UF: Form or Function?
MN: Form.
UF: What are you driving?
MN: 2002, e46 m3 2003, e46 m3, b5 a4 1.8t avant
UF: Do you have any current projects? Personal or at the shop?
MN: SHHHHH! It's secret!!
UF: What are Eurowise's future plans?
MN: Expand to a bigger shop
UF: How do you feel about the south east car scene? Would you change anything?
Mike: Less drama and haters! We all enjoy cars for the same reason, just because they are plain cool and fun to mess with. I wish people could get together without worrying about why his car is hotter or how ugly this car is.
Joey: Don't be critical if someone wants to be different.
Doug: Needs to see faster cars!
Yusuf: Nothing needs to change.
UF: What do you predict will be the next big trend in the Euro scene?
Mike: As I expected, air ride was the big thing, in the future I think it will be more detailed interiors and sick paint jobs.
Phil: Big turbo everything.
Chase: Smaller and wider wheels
Doug: V8's!

M3 rear mounted turbo
One of Mike's M3s


  1. Great writeup! Nice pictures, I love the caddy!

  2. Mike is a great guy. He is an even better business owner. He has helped me with several projects and they turned out great. Great write up!

  3. Mikey was my best VW tech. He is a terrific young man. Keep up the great work. Stop by and visit Eurowise, you won't be disappointed.