Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Man In Charge

Sid Fligel was the main man in charge of organizing the Wrong Fittment Crew meet last Saturday and we thought he deserved some credit where credit was due. Considering the fact that this was the very first WFC meet in Charlotte, NC and it wasn't hugely advertised Sid did a pretty damn good job of throwing this thing together. Of course it didn't come without some difficulties, for starters there was the issue of finding a location large enough and that fit all the criteria (i.e.- being able to bring alcohol and having lots that wouldn't do damage to the underside of Charlotte's lowest cars upon entering) and when Euro-Wise owner Mike stepped up and offered his location the first problem was solved. Euro-Wise was a perfect location because the number of people wanting to participate and spectate was growing quickly. The day of the meet Sid got there early and began directing how things would go. All things considered, the meet ran extremely smooth and everyone had an excellent time.
Sid is a New York native, living in Charlotte, who's planning on eventually moving back to where he came from and the cars he admires. It's well known that the north east has a rapidly growing car scene and Sid took the time to tell us about how much he loves that. We had a great time at the meet and it was awesome getting to spend some time talking to this cool guy who made it all possible.
Good job Sid! And thanks a lot to everyone else who helped Sid make it possible, couldn't have done it without you guys.

Sid's the guy directing cars in the gray hoodie.

Sid's Scion TC
"Low and slow"

A couple of pictures that Sid took at the meet.

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