Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Exotics Rally

How would you like to ship your car to Florida for an exotic car event that shuts down a runway for the day in order to put your supercar to the test? Yeah, sounds pretty awesome to me too. That's what Exotics Rally Inc. does on a regular basis. Centered in the New York and Tri-state area Exotics Rally organizes events for exotic car owners who share the same interests... really nice cars. This program is rapidly spreading so just because you don't live in the New York area doesn't mean you can't participate if you think you've got what it takes.

This particular event took place in Miami back in January. The goal of the event was to get the cars out on the runway and see which ones could reach the 200mph mark. And might I just say, that little red Porsche is pretty quick.

Enough talk... on with the video!

Exotics Rally Top Gun Miami from Exotics Rally on Vimeo.

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