Wednesday, November 3, 2010

THE Protege

Our friend Sid brought us this sick Mazda owned by Kevin Noitalay. Thanks Sid!

 Mod list

- Rota D2 17x8.5 +25

-Tokico Illumina struts

-Ground control coilover sleeves

-AWR 21.5mm sway bar

-AWR 88 durometer engine mounts

-Gt Spec Front strut bar

-Injen CAI

-Corksport "Power Series" Catback Exhaust

-TWM short throw shifter

-Perrin Shift knob

-MSP front end conversion

-DG motorsports CF front lip

-iSport CF rear roof spoiler

- BC2 Skirts and rear bumper

- Mazda 6 rear trunk lip

-Wink mirror

-CF hood, i cant even remember the brand, lol

When did you begin modding?

-i began modding as soon as i got the car in highschool at 16.

What direction did the car start in and how has it changed?

- I started modding it basically as a car to have fun with, and to try things out on. I admit, it might have started a bit ricey, with the wheel gap and the full fiberglass body kit, but I guess I liked it at that point. It has definitely changed for the better, for some reason I just could never get enough low. Around freshman year in college I changed the front end and started getting more and more obsessed with going lower so I purchased the coil over sleeves, and still wasnt happy with my ride height. So then I looked into modifying the strut, and about a year ago I got introduced to "Hella Flush" and everything changed. haha I'll be getting full coilovers asap.


Where do you see your car going next?

-To the ground. and a repaint, lol Gonna try and clean up the look a bit.


Shout outs?

- To my brother for helping me out, the mazda forums for helping me dial in the stance, Everybody before me who has stanced their cars as inspiration, and of course the photographer, SID!

Props to Sid. Check out his Flickr here.

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