Monday, August 23, 2010

ISO II Coverage

The much anticipated ISO II meet was a home run in every way possible. Amazing cars, awesome people, and lots of fun. Some of the east coast's most noteworthy rides were present at this blow out meet held at the NASCAR Technical Institute. The meet started at 11am Saturday morning and the line of cars to get in stretched all the way down the road. With everything from Honda to Volkswagen and everything in between this meet had something for everyone. We really enjoyed the workshops that were offered that taught beginners about stance and tuning and we appreciated the very fair prices on food and drinks. Every car meet should be this way. Insane Stance and Offset has officially raised the bar on car shows and it'll be hard to beat.

We're already excited to see if there will be another meet soon!



  1. nice write-up guys. I enjoyed reading it and checking out the pics. Kudos

  2. Great write-up! Thanks for getting some pics of the miata!