Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stickers Galore

I can distinctly remember my dad telling me when I was younger to never put bumper stickers all over my car because it will depreciate the value. I kind of think today's car scene proves him wrong. Today stickers are a status symbol on some of the dopest cars. Going through some of our pictures and some of Ryan's today I started thinking about this concept, with Hellaflush becoming more and more popular and other sites eminating them all over the country there are so many stickers to choose from. There are Wrong Fittment Crew stickers, Illest stickers, Fatlace stickers, Stanceworks stickers, and Simply Clean stickers just to name a few... who knows, maybe sometime in the future we'll be making UrbanFlth stickers.

For now here are some pictures to demonstrate my point:
The last 3 pictures are courtesy of Ryan Norris

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