Thursday, April 8, 2010

Proved Me Wrong

I have family in Wilkesboro, NC so I've spent a pretty good amount of time there and as I started to become more and more interested in cars I developed the impression that Wilkesboro didn't exactly have a super clean car scene. Obviously I was too quick to judge. Thankfully at the Wrong Fittment Crew meet a few weeks ago some Wilkes Co. people showed up with some pretty impressive cars causing me to reevaluate my opinion. I really look forward to seeing more of the impressive cars that start to emerge out of Wilkesboro in the future.

Blake and Monica own this 2002 olive green s2000 that had people stopping in their tracks to crowd around and get a good look when we were at the meet. Honestly it was pretty difficult to get some decent pictures of this thing because people were constantly around it -haha. We spoke to Blake recently asking about the car and a list of specs and this is what we got:


greddy bolt on turbo kit
Custom Oil/overflow catch can by BRMS
J's Racing radiator and oil cap
white valve cover vented by BRMS
Drive Train:
Competition Clutch Stg 3 Clutch
Competition Clutch 11lb flywheel
Work Equips Mesh
17x8 +35f
17x9 +25r w (10mm spacer)
Funtion n Form F1 autolife type 2 coilovers
J's racing front strut tower bar
Tires: meaty
All paint and body mods done by Francis Motors in Sparta NC
ASM(shine) molded 25mm overfenders w/molded bumper extentions
ASM(shine) 25mm wider front fenders
APR front bumper
Shaved trunk lid,emblems,and antenna
Custom painted J's style CF hood
Back Yard Special CF wing (painted)
Custom Variance of Honda Green tea Metallic

We're impressed. Blake was unsure of his future plans for this car but we plan on keeping an eye on it, don't be surprised if you see it featured again!

Photos Courtesy of UrbanFlth

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