Monday, April 26, 2010


So we scored some media passes this past weekend for PINKS ALL OUT, thanks to David Harris from SPEED. We arrived at the track around 12pm to the sound of cars roaring down the track breaking off times anywhere from mid 11's to low 7's.

After all of the time trials ended the Pinks crew had to decide which time class would make it into the Final 64. Cars running in the mid 9 second range were picked to participate in the final 64 which would then be broken down to 16 cars. All of this went by rather quickly since ZMax drag strip in Concord, NC is the only track in America four lanes wide.

During a brief intermission, jet cars took over the drag strip and put on a great show; these are by far the loudest cars you will ever hear, and the heat they generate is sweat producing even standing five stories up on top of the ZMax tower.

After about 15 of the final 16 cars were finished everyone was sent home due to rain. The show picked back up where it left off on Sunday - but that’s another post.

I am pleased to say that everyone from, SPEED production crew, to ZMax employees, to the Pinks crew were all super nice and wanted to do nothing but make your day better. As if to prove my point, a member on the production crew asked my girlfriend out on a date.

She declined.

Pictures taken on Saturday:

9 seconds on street tires?
Jet cars flying by (our ears hurt the rest of the day)
The famous arm drop
22 gallons of diesel fuel
The wheel just fell off when he launched (and I jumped right in to take pictures)

More Saturday pictures will be posted soon, as well as Sunday's coverage.

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