Sunday, March 28, 2010

WFC meet

First things first. Big thanks to Sid who put this meet together and was nice enough to hang out with us for a while. The meet was held at Euro-Wise in Charlotte and saw about 150 cars, mostly from the lower east coast. Starting at 12 and lasting until "everyone leaves" there was plenty of gorgeous cars and great entertainment in the form of a DJ. There were several obvious crowd favorites such as the bright blue s2000, the dumped Audi, and the many 350z's all with perfect stance and fittment. Personal favories were the slammed 300zx, the tiny blue "no homo" Mazda Miata, and the many STI's and s2000's.  Even the spectator's parking lot held a few almost worthy rides. Euro-Wise made their dyno avalible for people who wished to put their ride to the test. This was definitely one of the best and most friendly meets we have been to. Look out for our coverage on the ISO meet held in raleigh on May 1st.

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More pictures coming to our Flickr soon!!

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