Saturday, March 13, 2010

Drift Away

Took a trip out to Charlotte Motor Speedway today where Street-Wise Drift was holding an amatuer drift event. The sound of screeching tires and blow off valves was enough to get my blood pumping. The drifting began at 10am and lasted until 4pm; by the time it was all over classes A, B, and C had all done several practice runs and competed. The A class was the most experienced - and impressive - group to drive. Even with a brief battle with rain the A class continued to drift around the track (and in the grass... and into walls). All in all it was a great event and a great day to hang out at the track.
Although the drifting was the main event there was also a small car show for people looking to show off their rides.

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  1. awesome job keep up the good work. TG & MG