Monday, March 22, 2010

Can't Wait to Graduate

I was recently promised a trip to the BMW Performance Driving School in Spartanburg, SC as a graduation present. Being the BMW fanatic that I am, this is the greatest graduation present I could get. The driving school has four categories, teen school, drivers program, and M school.

The "Teen School" is perfect for any young person who is just learning to drive and looking to fine tune skills like emergency braking, to handling the car when hydroplaning. The cost ranges from $495 for one day, to $895 for a two day course.

The "Drivers Program" is a course for any good driver who wishes to perfect their safety, as well as have a little fun.  Prices for this program are $650 for one day or $1,095 for a two day class.

And FINALLY the "M School" is for advanced drivers focusing on learning skills that professional drivers use. Exercises range from the slalom, autocross, the water walls, and the skid pad. The added horsepower in the M School is what makes this course especially appealing. One day M School class has a price tag of $1,295 and a two day class will ring in at $3,295... every cent would be completely worth it.
The M school also offers the "advanced M school" which is for graduates of M school. Drivers in advanced M school will run courses at the Carlotte Motor Speedway, as well as the Virginia International Raceway. The price for this program is $4200.

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